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تحميل كتب باللغة العربية عن البترول هنا 


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تحميل كتب باللغة العربية عن البترول هنا 


 Without any Copyrights, I would like to share my books in oil and gas industry for free download and use.

Yasser Kassem Gabr


Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Processing


Basics of Oil and Gas Processing Book


Basics of Corrosion in Oil and Gas Industry Book


Basics of Fluid Flow and Pressure Drop Calculation


Produced Water Treatment Book


Water Formed Scale deposits Book


 Paper Books  available here


Excel Calculation Spread sheets

Water and steam pressure drop calculation



Two phase flow pressure drop and calculations


Pressure drop in gas pipelines
Calculation of pressure drop for gas pipelines


oil pressure drop calculation
Liquid pressure drop
Darcy equation


Two phase flow - AGA equation
pressure drop


Mass flow to volumetric flow and vice versa


Pipe capacity - pipe weight - pipe contradiction


Flare Heat radiation


Gas to equivalent bbls of oil


Control Valve Sizing and calculations

Liquid and gas - simple - rule of thumps




Different methods for hydrate prediction


Horizontal tank volume calculation


Gas Molecular weight
Gas properties at different temperature and pressure
Gas volume
Gas heating value
Compressibility factor


Time required to drain a tank


Two phase separator sizing
Two phase separator calculation
Two phase separator design
GPSA -Gas Processing Suppliers Association
API - American Petroleum Institute
Surface production facilities


Calculation of salt content in crude oil


Liquid hydrostatic head calculation
Tank hydrostatic head calculations


Flow calculations using orifice
Orifice calculations
Orifice sizing
Gas metering
Liquid metering


Heat required for heating crude oil and emulsion


Calculation of Viscosity of crude oil and emulsion and different temperature


Three phase separator calculation (sizing) -Different method


Three phase separator calculation (sizing)
Engineering data book method (GPSA)


Scale Prediction -, water formed scale

Calcium carbonate scale
Calcium sulfate scale
Barium sulfate scale
Strontium sulfate scale
different methods
pH calculation at different temperature and pressure
Production network
retention time
Effect of pressure and temperature change in network and pipes
liquid/gas ration in pipes
Capacity of network

 Oil and gas processing book
Fundamentals of oil and gas processing book


Oil processing 
Oil treatment 
Separator design 
Heater treater
three phase separators 
two phase separator 
Process calculations
oil field 

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New Oil and Gas processing book.  Amazon link

Basics of Gas Field ProcessingBasics of Gas Field Processing

Fundamentals of Oil and Gas ProcessingFundamentals of Oil and Gas Processing

Corrosion in Oil and Gas IndustryCorrosion in Oil and Gas Industry

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